General 800 Numbers

1. Toll free numbers are free for the caller and the owner of the toll free number pays the cost of the incoming call as if they made it themselves. A toll free number can start with 800, 888, 877, or 866 and does not require any special equipment nor does it affect or change the local number it points to.

2. A toll free number is a phone number that rings to or forwards to any local number you specify. This includes your home, work or cellular phone, as well as a voip line or any non-toll free number throughout the US and Canada. Calls can also be routed to your computer desktop.

3. A “vanity number” is a toll free number that spells something. A “vanity number” is a great advertising tool. It will increase the response rate to your advertising as well as provide a very memorable contact number. A great “vanity number” allows your company to look larger and more successful.

4. It can be difficult sometimes to find great “vanity numbers” so try not to limit yourself to generic terms or numbers with only 7 digits. Be creative and find terms that closly represent your product, services or company name.

5. Phone companies normally just forward the calls to a regular local number, but we specialize in enhanced 800 voicemail services, greetings, menus, special call routing to multiple numbers and many other advanced features that can make your company have a stronger market presence.

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